Virtual Personal Training
A have a client, Simone, who travels out of the state frequently for work. I gave her copies of several training programs we’d done in the past for her to follow while in her hotel room/hotel gym, but as you all can attest to, Simone felt that she worked harder and more intensely with me leading the sessions. She asked me if I would train her virtually via Skype while she was away and not able to make it in person to our sessions. I have to admit at first I was a bit skeptical, but as I would do pretty much anything to accommodate my wonderful clients I agreed. Our first session brought me to the hotel gym in Dallas, TX where we had access to several machines, hand weights, a bosu and a ball. I was amazed at the ease in which I could train her without physically being in the same room! With the laptop set in direct view of the fitness room, I could watch her form perfectly, cue exercises with ease and clarity, notice any postural changes and make corrections and make her work as hard as I would if she were on the floor at Saldare! Not only has virtual training allowed Simone to workout with me when she travels for work, but it has also allowed us to “meet” during all of the snow storms we’ve had this winter so far! Simone purchased a set of bands from and we’ve had great success with her home workouts in the comfort of her living room! No snow boots or Uber required. Whether you live in Boston, Dallas, TX or anywhere that has internet access there’s no excuse for not getting a personalized fitness program from me. Would you like more information and rates on Virtual Training? Remember the first consultation is always FREE.