Support & Guidance for Wellness Professionals

Navigate a More Abundant Career as a Health Coach or Personal Trainer!

Are you passionate about healthy living? Are you most awake and alive when helping a friend or a loved one make better food & movement choices? Is your facebook feed filled with articles about green drinks, non-gmo foods and backbends for a healthy thoracic spine? It might be time to consider a career as a health coach. You'll Support clients as they make meaningful changes that last a lifetime. You'll also work for yourself, make your own hours be your own boss.

With over a decade of health, nutrition and life coaching experience, Jenn can assist you in choosing the best educational path and help you grow your initial leads. She'll also help you define & market your unique skill set, connecting your authentic voice to potential clients. You'll gain confidence, and start off on the right foot.


"Working with Jenn Menzer has been a transformative experience, both for my health and wellness and for my career. Jenn is also a compassionate soul who listens attentively to her clients without judgment and really goes the extra mile to them achieve their potential. Working with Jenn inspired me to make some pretty big career changes, away from a high pressure sales job that led to endless late nights entertaining filled with unhealthy food and beverage choices, towards a career as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. She’s been both a mentor to me starting my own business, and a cheerleader for me as I’ve made the leap into the unknown. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful.”
- Kitty A


Want to Pursue a Career as a Wellness Professional?

Jenn can help you strategize and effective plan for growth including:

  • Increasing your lead funnel
  • Finding & refining your voice- creating and sharing compelling content
  • The materials- what do you really need? From business cards, website to car-wraps!
  • Understand the investing in client acquisition
  • Leveraging social media effectively
  • Connecting with local brands

"We need more people like Jenn in the fitness world. She is not only dedicated to her clients but also to helping others thrive and improving the quality of fitness professionals in our field. I am forever grateful for the time she's spent looking after me and my best interests and helping to shape me into the trainer I am today. Her voice is often the one in my head, pushing me to believe in myself, push myself, and work smartly to put my dreams into action."
- Nicole R


The Mentorship Menu

A few key points of entry

Not sure where to start, or if mentoring is right for you? These six sessions were designed over my years working as a mentor to fitness & wellness professionals. They each cover key strategies you'll want to incorporate into your professional tool belt.  We can mix & match, or plough through all of them. It's always up to you, and what your growing business needs.

Explore who you are as a coach. Define & refine your voice, tone and messaging. Develop clear core values that will organically attract your ideal clients. Identify what sets you and your unique offerings apart. We'll also unpack an effective business model, and monthly actionable goals for your business.

Who is your ideal client? Discovering your niche, and target demographic. We'll also investigate & dispel any fears that may be holding you back and preventing you from truly cultivating an abundant business. I'll help you build brand confidence, and move forward successfully with strategic, doable next-steps.

How to get clients! We'll design a bio that attracts your ideal clients. We'll also create and structure your pricing model in a way that best serves you and your clients. The heart of this work is realizing the value of your services. I'll also help your create your “elevator speech”, promote your brand, build your contact template. We'll take the first steps outlining an effective monthly marketing plan, or reviewing the plan you already have. We'll also explore the art of "closing the deal".

Learn wildly effective networking tools, improve your public speaking, begin to collect or refine your writing and promotional materials. I can help you navigate the creation of your business cards, rack cards, postcards, fliers, web and social media marketing as well as certain non-negotiables on your website that support effective conversion. We'll also explore internet marketing referrals, growing your email list, and building vibrant business relationships.

Setting up your practice: finding an office, how to take payments (establishing an efficient POS), how to file as an independent contractor, online scheduling, teleseminar hosting, audio recordings/videos, estimated payments, DBA vs LLC,  and tax writeoffs. We'll also cover setting up your computer for success, invoicing clients, recording receipts, basic bookkeeping, and deciding if you need a lawyer. This list isn't exhaustive, but can be a bit exhausting. This is a great opportunity to leverage my years of experience and avoid common pitfalls.

You'be got clients and a promising pool of leads, now what? It's time to design your signature package offerings. You'll develop an equivalent tiered gold plan, silver plan and bronze package. We'll outline what each includes and smart price-points. We'll also cover value-content such as handouts/worksheets for the client, mock sessions, high milage questions, getting clients to be your secret sales force. 


Mix & Match, Start Where Your Want